Let’s be frank; some do not know how to code and don’t have time to learn this skill. However, we still want to create such an attractive website from start to finish that the visitor would think twice before closing the tab.

In modern times, such platforms can help you create themes for your website without any code in a lively way. But before we start anything, remember that don’t get confused between a page builder and a theme builder because a theme builder will help you customize various components of your websites according to your demand.

One last thing before, I list down the best WordPress builders, which are like Divi Builder, because you can say it is the G.O.A.T. I want to inform you that some of the WordPress builders will come as a plugin while some of them will be a complete WordPress theme. So, let’s get started.

Divi Builder

Divi is the Elegant Themes “premier WordPress theme”, and it comes with a page builder integrated into it.

However, it gives you both ways of accessing the Divi Builder, either through the Divi Theme or through a separate plugin version, which is available only to access it.

The best thing about Divi Theme is that it allows you to edit content using both the front-end and back-end interface.

The full theme building support which it provides help in adjusting everything from the header and footer to the page templates and many other aspects of the website.

  • Key Theme Components: It has an intuitive frontend editor that makes it easy for you to build your own custom headers, footers, post templates, category pages, search pages, and much more. You can create dynamic content through the Divi Builder.
  • Pre-made Theme Builder Packs: One of the best features which you will love about Divi Builder is that it enables you to build your own templates quicker, and this feature is available in the packs.
  • Intuitive Page Builder: You will find it one of the most innovative and intuitive page builders available for WordPress.

Its front-end editor comes with enough modules and page layouts that provide you several options to design your own unique landing pages without wasting any time.

Another unique feature that you will encounter here is the split testing feature, which allows you to compare two different pages or module design simultaneously to decide which one is the best.

  • Beneficial Marketing tools: It is part of the Elegant Themes’ membership club, which comes with various products attached to it, especially the ones linked to marketing purposes.

For example, you can use Bloom, an email opt-in plugin, or Monarch,s a social sharing plugin. Both of these can be used for marketing purpose to increase the sale for a business company.

It has a drag and drops functionality, which makes it easy for you to drop any item and move them anywhere on the website.

Divi Plugins are also easy to use. Simply install one of our plugins and you’ll find new modules within the Divi page builder.

Moreover, it can have various languages, and the customizable features make it the most demand Theme builder. Let’s have a look at those WordPress builders, which are like Divi Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder

This is one of the most flexible products of Thrive Themes’ so far, and it is a standalone WordPress theme that allows you to build any custom theme without any coding. Yes, you heard it right, no coding is required in too, just like Divi Builder.

Instead of just focusing on the custom fonts and colors, it allows you to go a step further and design and build your own header and footers, templates and archive pages, and much more.

Features of Thrive Builder similar to Divi Builder

  • Customizable Key Theme Elements: The customization feature is similar to the one present in Divi Builder as you are able to customize the website’s headers, footers, sidebars, search page, blog templates, page layouts, and many other things.

The extensive customization and adjustments feature in this builder give you a chance to choose from a wide range of theme options and a long list of pre-designed layouts to have a unique look for your website.

  • Interactive and Friendly User Interface: The whole Theme builder is well laid out, and you won’t feel any difficulty using it. This is the best thing about it that even an average blogger who does not have much coding sense can build his own theme through it.
  • ShapeShift: If you don’t have the time or idea or any design in your mind to build your website, this ShapeShift feature will help you get things done quickly.
  • It is completely customizable, and you won’t need to stick with a layout and style, and you can change them anytime you want.

These are some of the features and the qualities of Thrive Theme Builder, which makes it work and feel like Divi Builder.

Elementor Pro

Elementor is one of the leading page builder plugins for WordPress, and when you use it, you will find a similarity between it and Divi Builder.

Because both these WordPress builder allows you to build custom post and pages apart from customizing the headers, footers, search page, archive pages and much more.

This WordPress Builder gives you the ultimate control over everything, and you can freely drag and drop items on the website. Some of the features which are very similar to the Divi Builder are briefly explained below:

  • Key Theme Elements (Just-like Divi Builder): Editing and building your own custom headers and footers, archive pages, search pages, and other marketing and commerce pages are easy to stuff with this Theme builder.

The interface is easy, and you can easily navigate everything that you want in the whole theme.

  • Pre-made Layouts: Sometimes, you don’t have time to choose what is best or what would suit you, or you don’t have the idea at all; this is where these pre-made layouts will work.

They will help you just to drag and drop all the stuff and then arrange it in the design provided in the layout.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: The drag and drop feature of this WordPress builder has made things really easy for everyone.

As of now, you do not have to upload or write a code for uploading anything. Simply bring what you want on the page and drop it there where you want it.

  • Other Tools: Apart from other features of Elementor, which are similar to the Divi Builder, it also has a long list of products and fully-fledged landing pages, including the dozens of content modules and various templates to help you in making a theme for the website in an easy way.

Brizy Pro

Brizy WordPress builder comes with a plugin that enables you to create themes on the website, which are similar to the work of the Divi Builder. Just like Divi Builder, it enables you to create custom templates that you can use anytime for any kind of page and website building.

Some of the features which cross path with Divi Builder are listed below with some details:

  • Create Custom Templates: You can use it customizing your headers, footers, layouts of single posts, category pages, 404 pages, and much more. It even allows you to create templates for author, product, and shop pages through which you can sell the products.
  • Display Conditions: You can choose such templates that you think need to be displayed, and you can ignore others to make your work easy in this regard.
  • Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: One of this theme builder’s primary features is to build pages, and you can use the drag and drop editor to make your work easy for all kinds of tasks.
  • Pre-made Templates: If you are short on ideas at the moment and time is running short, you can always go with the pre-made templates, which can help you get the right template with all the designs embedded in it. You just need them to bring your content and drop it here.
  • Other Features: This WordPress builder that has featured just like Divi Builder offers a straightforward visual editor, pop-up form editing, and supports WooCommerce.

Beaver Builder

Beaver builder is another WordPress builder similar to the Divi Builder and comes in both free and premium versions according to its users’ needs.

The theme builder of this WordPress builder is the second most important feature after the page builder. It has rich features that are quite near to what Divi Builder is offering. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Customize Theme Components: This feature is common in all the theme builders that have been discussed above as they all are similar to Divi Builder.

This feature allows you to create and customize the styles of headers and footers and templates for the blog post, search and archive pages, and other custom post types. It has various third-party WordPress themes plugins which you can use according to your need.

  • Dynamic Content: Firstly, you can choose which kind of templates you want to see and which one you want to avoid.

You can easily categorize them, and it will only display those who are important to you. In this way, you will quickly utilize all the dynamic content you have in the templates.

  • Front Page Builder: The editor is easy to use as it helps the non-developers to navigate, and it comes with dozens of modules and page layouts. You can easily build pages through it and customize them according to your need.
  • Other Features: This WordPress builder has 56-page templates and 30 modules that you can use for your own needs. Moreover, you can also save any design of their templates, which they have created and can use them anytime.

Oxygen Theme Builder

Oxygen is a WordPress theme builder like Divi Builder and helps you design different items on the website. The platform comes as an exclusive theme builder, and it is not an extension or a third-party plugin that you can use for creating themes on the website or page.

The platform is really powerful in use as it is being used everywhere by marketing companies, blog sites, and many other such businesses. Moreover, it comes with tutorials which you can use to learn how to work on this WordPress builder, and you can even buy some plugins for your use of exclusive features.

Some of the very common tools are drag and drop tool, which makes your movement on the website or the page really easy.

Furthermore, it comes with an interactive user interface that allows you to navigate through different elements without getting into any complexity easily.  Some other key features, both similar and different to Divi Builder, are as follow:

  • WooCommerce Builder: The tool has a front-end editor for the page, which makes it easy for you to design everything you want on the page with ease. Moreover, it comes with all the tools which are needed in generating a page.
  • Custom Template Elements: These are one of the most important and common features which you can in this or any WordPress Builder, such as the changing of text styles, animations, pre-made layouts, and website packs.

Moreover, you can customize the headers and footers, and you can easily create your own custom template in it for any time use.

  • Pre-made Templates: When you are running fast and needed a template, and you are not clear on the idea, these pre-made templates with their thumbnails will give you a quick look so that you can see what you are getting before you start using it. These templates help in making the whole work easy and fast.
  • Custom Gutenberg Blocks: This is the unique feature of this platform as it gives you the ability to create your own blocks for Gutenberg editor.


The above mentioned Theme Builders are like the Divi Builder, which can help anyone create amazing pages and themes of websites without any hassle. Anyone can do it without any coding skills, and they will be able to change everything on the website which they want. So, Yes, you can use it with ease and can customize the design of your website or page within no time.