Building a website could be a dream of everyone, and it’s essential for every business, school, and organization. A decade back, creating a website isn’t easy because you have to visit a developer to understand your requirements and request him to build a website for you. You might be familiar with the tools required to build a website for many years, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database, and PHP. Many other tools are also available in the market, but widely used tools are mentioned above. The introduction of WordPress takes a revolution in the history of Websites. It allows everyone to build their website without knowing computer languages. In short, it makes everyone developers and provides a fully-secured platform where everyone feels fully secured.

WordPress (also known as WP and is a Free and Open Source CMS Framework released on 27 May 2003. It is written in PHP and can work with both MySQL and MariaDB databases. The main reason for its popularity is the features such as Plugin Architecture and Temple System – referred to as Themes and Plugins. You would be surprised to know that WordPress has released initially as a Blog-Publishing System, but later it has evolved to offer the support of other web content, including the following:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Forums
  • Galleries
  • Membership Sites
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online Stores

Nowadays, over 455 Million websites use WordPress. That means the WordPress market share is almost 35% of websites all over the world.

If I say that WordPress is a Factory that is consciously making webpages, it won’t be wrong. Because of its elegant design, prominent features, and superb secured platform, it could be your best website builder.

How to set up WordPress?

Installing WordPress on any domain and hosting is much easier than publishing a blog in it. Yes, you need to purchase a hosting and a domain, and your more than 90% word has been done. WordPress will be installed on your targeted domain within a few clicks of your mouse and starts to work instantly. Such a useful tool that I can’t express in words. If you’re a developer and using ordinary ways to build a website, then for sure, you are fed up with old and boring, as well as hard-working systems. Why not WordPress? When it is ready to give you a go-to, publish as many pages as you wish to be your website. Therefore, publishing webpages doesn’t need anything but a domain and a hosting service.

Introduction of Web Template System

The addition of the Web Template System takes WordPress to new heights of success. The said feature uses a Template Processor, and its architecture provides you a front controller to route all requests for non-static URIs to a single PHP file, which parses the URL and identifies the target pages. Because of that, human-readable permalinks are possible to release with the posts.


Users may have many options to install and switch among different themes. Themes feature allows you to modify the look and functionality without adding or modifying code and any site content. Without using any theme, you can’t represent your content. Therefore, every WordPress website needs one theme to be present, and everyone should be built according to WordPress Standards with Structured PHP and valid HTML and CSS.

Importance of WordPress

It is probably hard to find a business with no idea about WordPress. The perfect tool grants many organization powers to design their websites without developing and designing skills. Also, the importance of WordPress for websites has been escalated with the improvement in technology regularly. WordPress has become the most reliable software for endless business because it’s quite user-friendly and easy to understand interface.

Flexible for everyone

WordPress comes with configuration and customization options that make it a perfect dreaming tool for abiding and flexible work. Anyone with no knowledge of programming can give it a start with an easy, and build a template-based website within no time, fully loaded with features through several plug-ins offered by third-party developers. You have a chance to improve your website after some time without spending more time.

A wide variety of Themes and Plugins

Without any doubt, many users have observed an enticing image slider, view counts, sticky post, and other such types of functionalities and wished to implement on their sites. All these things are available at your fingertips because of WordPress’s feature “Plugin.” From the said feature, all people can download any third-party software required to create your store and website look the way you wish to have. Therefore, WordPress is so popular among others because of its broad range of features.

Fully Secured Platform

For sure, you are familiar with hacking attempts, and if you are running your blog, then you have had to experience that. There’s a massive difference between a custom-made website and a WordPress site; hacking any WordPress website isn’t a cup of tea. Therefore, it is a highly reliable and trustworthy platform.

Prominent Features

Without any developers, you need to login to your site and start making changes as per your need, thanks to WordPress. The modern CMS system makes it immensely more comfortable and fun to modify the sites for everyone and appreciate beginners to jump in for making differences in their sites without knowing a single code line. The media section lets you add any image and choose where you want to display on your blog. It supports different image types, such as JPG, PDF, PNG, WebGL, and more.

Free and Open Source Platform

Basically, WordPress is free and open-source. Although the CMS system is free, you’re not supposed to use every plugin with full functionality for free because third-party developers release two versions, such as Free and Premium. The free version gives you limited functionality, while the premium comes with full access but costs you money.

WordPress is Easy to Customize Plugins and Themes

A massive crowd of people using WordPress is neither web developers nor designers. Therefore, most folks start using WordPress without any knowledge of developing and designing any website. WordPress is the perfect solution for non-tech folks because thousands of free website templates are there to choose from. The Theme Library contains the Perfect WordPress Theme for every type of website, doesn’t matter you are going to build a business website or an online store.

Moreover, WordPress themes are relatively easy to modify because most of them come with Customizer enabling you to change color, upload logo, change the background color, and more. Adding custom functionality is possible using plugins. WordPress plugins would work like applications released for your website to add modern features like Membership Area, Contact Forms, and Analytics.

Similar to Themes, plugins are also there in numbers of thousands. Besides functionalities, some plugins let you move your website to an entirely new platform without any hassle of losing data and creating errors.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

You would be surprised to know that WordPress is written using high-quality codes that produce semantic markup that attracts google and other search engines to love WordPress. Therefore, WordPress created sites rank higher than others. By design, WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box, and you also have an option to install SEO Plugins to optimize your site and improve its stability, speed, and rank in search engines.

Easy to Manage

A built-in update management system is available that lets you update any plugins and themes from the Admin Dashboard. You will be notified whenever a new version of the WordPress release can be done within a few clicks of a button.

Highly Safe and Secure

WordPress’s system is created by keeping hacking attempts in mind; therefore, it is fully secured and highly safe than others. However, like the real world, the internet world could be an uncertain place. Therefore, it always suggests keeping all of your plugins and themes up-to-date because they help you keep your website fully secured.

WordPress Tips Every Folk need to know

Before starting, you should learn about WordPress and have some tips to work correctly. We’ve compiled a few tips for you to reveal and help you how to start:

  • Find the Right Web hosting Plan
  • Pick a Responsive Quality Theme
  • Ensure you’re using Google Analytics
  • Install a Plugin for SEO (Yoast SEO)
  • Don’t install too many Plugins
  • Compress Images
  • Modify Your Permalinks
  • Learn how Meta tags and Heading tags work
  • Remove Clutter

After learning about the Importance of WordPress, you will learn how different ways to how to Improve Your Homepage. Firstly, you should know that homepage is everything; secondly, a better homepage can attract more visitors to keep them engaged; thirdly, you should publish valid and reliable information over there to make a strong connection between your site and the user. We will share some tips with you to improve your homepage.

Prepare a Plan

You’re not supposed to start designing randomly. Make sure your website meets all the criteria and needs of your visitors; therefore, you should figure the journey of your buyer from the first time they land to your website to the moment they become a customer.

You should note what pages you are going to view and what content they love to read. Understanding all these things will help you how to design a better homepage that helps you grab more visitors instead of a few.

Remove Stocky Images from Your Homepage

For sure, specific elements are available on your site that may detract your visitors and become a cause for the visitor never to revisit your site. The most prominent reasons are the following:

  • Stocky Images
  • Too Long Content
  • Extra Space
  • Annoying Ads
  • Unresponsive Homepage

How to Improve Your Homepage (Tips and Tricks)

The homepage of any website represents the services the site is offering. Having no attractive homepage means you aren’t going to receive too many visitors. Therefore, you should make sure you are using Royalty Free images and have a proper navigation system. The website should be responsive and mobile-friendly, so users enjoy exploring your site beyond the platforms’ limit.

Add Social Share and Follow Buttons – Making attracting content has no worth until you give users the option to share what they read with their friends. In case your website lacks social share buttons, you are losing a lot of traffic from social media, where thousands of people await you. If it sounds new to you, social share buttons are small icons that let users share your content directly on their social accounts with others.

Embed Call-to-Action – Is there any proper system to guide a visitor who lands on your site to what to do next? They don’t know what pages they need to visit or actions to take; it seems like a maze where users don’t know what to do if you don’t give them some directions. Therefore, adding call-to-action buttons is compulsory and indicates the next step user needs to take on the page. Further Tips and Tricks are the following:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • SEO Friendly
  • Never Stop Testing Your Homepage
  • Identify Broken Links or Unknown 404 Errors
  • Create New Offers
  • Update the Content
  • Remove White Spaces
  • Add Intro Video
  • Product Features
  • About Us Page
  • Let Visitors Scroll the Homepage
  • Navigation

Make use of Right Images – Keep in mind that not every single will be fit with the type of content you are trying to display to your audience. Dozens of options are available at your disposal, but still, you should find some wrong reasons to remove them. Using the stock images makes your website a bit dull, but it doesn’t mean your site isn’t genuine and will evoke trust in the market.


Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are possessed with website development skills or not, WordPress intends to make you a developer and designer by offering you all the required tools. Instead of writing complicated lines of coding, you are supposed to perform an action using drag and drop features, design your homepage using WordPress Builder and boost your site using a responsive WordPress theme. Access to every action from development to designing is available at your fingertips. Who needs to hire development, when you can build your site by own. WordPress builders are a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses to start a website without hiring a developer. However, finding the best WordPress builder can be tricky for beginners.